Everything is ruined

from Fears, Hope and Eternity by Reality Check



It’s nothing, but remember that you owe a million words, this winter alone, in silence, is being so long.
Please tell me, why to get up this morning once again, if no one is waiting for my presence in this day.
I keep trying, but all the things we have are lost again, walking beyond the sanity…

…and we’re just waiting, and fearing and so will be, and so I see behind the steam
there´s nothing more to forgive.

Along these days, I have been thinking why we lost the faith, no answers, just pain give me a reason to forget.
Just let me, to think we tried to rescue all that love, up to the limit of our forces, let me…


When everything is lost and we have nothing to pay, all I want is escape from this cage, cause’ my feelings create this prison. Living my own hell, I don´t know if I deserve feel this pain after giving it all, maybe I’m the only one who’s guilty.
I suppose that never it’s too late to begin, to forget all this time full of pain, to liberate my soul.
Get out of my mind, you, just get out of my head, please leave me alone and let me survive my own agony.
Listen my again, I’m the one who survive, I’m wasting my time every day, can you show me where’s the limit?
Lying to become and to see who’s the next in the line to betray I’m the last (one) to believe,
I’m too fast to forgive. I better stop don’t you know? It’s not the place I should go, I prefer where I stay,
I don’t know a better place, you have gone and now you repent, that’s the expensive price for you to pay.

I know I’ll find the answers within the north wind that blow in my face.
I know that loneliness it’s over and over visiting me.
Your place will never be filled, I stop to try it long time ago,
‘cause everything is ruined, come back this winter and save me.
I feel it´s time for changes, a new era is coming to fix our souls.
We don´t need more excuses, we are so close we need to get it.
We are not alone, don´t we? It’s not the first time we’re feeling like this.
Don´t tell me I’m dreaming, come back this winter and save me.

Sometimes we try, sometimes we fight to release our minds.
How many times we get the price of a clearer sight.
So whatever we find inside this winter will be a good reward.
So whatever will be the price we’ll pay it.
No more sadness in our souls.

The dream it’s over, forgive me now or teach how to live.
This weight on my shoulders is killing me, destroy the fallacy.
Now the spring is closer, the winter ends, this cold is going away.
Tears return to water after this time looking through the ice.

so will be and so I see behind the steam, there´s nothing more to forgive.

Forgive us all, nightmare it’s over, forgive us all from here, this wait is drowning inside me, like this winter sun.


from Fears, Hope and Eternity, released July 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Reality Check Santander, Spain

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