Heaven and Hell

from Fears, Hope and Eternity by Reality Check



Special Guest: Mark Basile (DGM)


Behind this wall I breath this madness all around.
How I felt the past before, that now the coldness invades my own?
Freezing hopes and searching for separate ways, broken fears.
Searching meanwhile the time falls, whatever you find, it could be mine.
Now, my time is wasted, forsaking my life to an endless escape of this hell.
Whoever you fight in the hill, there´s nothing to kill, so stop standing this war, so stop standing this loss.
Falling, falling just to be crawling, forever fighting is a waste of life.

Sending us to slaughterhouse, Could I ever breath your hate?
We could be a victim, or maybe your killing hand.
It will be forever in our souls.

Despite all the fears we survive this stage, we’re living a dream that’s empty,
after this violence, we’ll never have peace.
This battle we win, or this life that we lose, this hate that will never leave us,
tearing our souls, we will never forget.
Brand new eyes and new spirit to see, and taking no longer your life in this field,
getting rid of sadness, an empty future waits for me again.
There´s no option, no time to forgive, our souls now are diving in an endless sea,
in an eerie silence, where is our savior? no air to breathe.
Faith is now just madness, there’s no blood in my veins, killing blindness pulling the eyes out,
forsaking my time, forsaking my life, I’m lost in this circle divine.


Heaven must be something closer, maybe I don´t need to be stronger, best thing I could ever imagine.
That’s the place where I’ll go, things will not be the same, better times have begun,
don´t need more luck for long.
Now is the time, it’s only life, it’s not so bad, enjoy this life any longer.
Finally be, finally see, now is my time to spread my black wings.


from Fears, Hope and Eternity, released July 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Reality Check Santander, Spain

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