Fears, Hope and Eternity

by Reality Check

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Behind this wall I breath this madness all around. How I felt the past before, that now the coldness invades my own? Freezing hopes and searching for separate ways, broken fears. Searching meanwhile the time falls, whatever you find, it could be mine. Now, my time is wasted, forsaking my life to an endless escape of this hell. Whoever you fight in the hill, there´s nothing to kill, so stop standing this war, so stop standing this loss. Falling, falling just to be crawling, forever fighting is a waste of life. Chorus: Sending us to slaughterhouse, Could I ever breath your hate? We could be a victim, or maybe your killing hand. It will be forever in our souls. Despite all the fears we survive this stage, we’re living a dream that’s empty, after this violence, we’ll never have peace. This battle we win, or this life that we lose, this hate that will never leave us, tearing our souls, we will never forget. Brand new eyes and new spirit to see, and taking no longer your life in this field, getting rid of sadness, an empty future waits for me again. There´s no option, no time to forgive, our souls now are diving in an endless sea, in an eerie silence, where is our savior? no air to breathe. Faith is now just madness, there’s no blood in my veins, killing blindness pulling the eyes out, forsaking my time, forsaking my life, I’m lost in this circle divine. Chorus: Heaven must be something closer, maybe I don´t need to be stronger, best thing I could ever imagine. That’s the place where I’ll go, things will not be the same, better times have begun, don´t need more luck for long. Now is the time, it’s only life, it’s not so bad, enjoy this life any longer. Finally be, finally see, now is my time to spread my black wings.
It’s nothing, but remember that you owe a million words, this winter alone, in silence, is being so long. Please tell me, why to get up this morning once again, if no one is waiting for my presence in this day. I keep trying, but all the things we have are lost again, walking beyond the sanity… Chorus: …and we’re just waiting, and fearing and so will be, and so I see behind the steam there´s nothing more to forgive. Along these days, I have been thinking why we lost the faith, no answers, just pain give me a reason to forget. Just let me, to think we tried to rescue all that love, up to the limit of our forces, let me… Chorus: When everything is lost and we have nothing to pay, all I want is escape from this cage, cause’ my feelings create this prison. Living my own hell, I don´t know if I deserve feel this pain after giving it all, maybe I’m the only one who’s guilty. I suppose that never it’s too late to begin, to forget all this time full of pain, to liberate my soul. Get out of my mind, you, just get out of my head, please leave me alone and let me survive my own agony. Listen my again, I’m the one who survive, I’m wasting my time every day, can you show me where’s the limit? Lying to become and to see who’s the next in the line to betray I’m the last (one) to believe, I’m too fast to forgive. I better stop don’t you know? It’s not the place I should go, I prefer where I stay, I don’t know a better place, you have gone and now you repent, that’s the expensive price for you to pay. I know I’ll find the answers within the north wind that blow in my face. I know that loneliness it’s over and over visiting me. Your place will never be filled, I stop to try it long time ago, ‘cause everything is ruined, come back this winter and save me. I feel it´s time for changes, a new era is coming to fix our souls. We don´t need more excuses, we are so close we need to get it. We are not alone, don´t we? It’s not the first time we’re feeling like this. Don´t tell me I’m dreaming, come back this winter and save me. Sometimes we try, sometimes we fight to release our minds. How many times we get the price of a clearer sight. So whatever we find inside this winter will be a good reward. So whatever will be the price we’ll pay it. No more sadness in our souls. The dream it’s over, forgive me now or teach how to live. This weight on my shoulders is killing me, destroy the fallacy. Now the spring is closer, the winter ends, this cold is going away. Tears return to water after this time looking through the ice. so will be and so I see behind the steam, there´s nothing more to forgive. Forgive us all, nightmare it’s over, forgive us all from here, this wait is drowning inside me, like this winter sun.
Awake! Take your fears and pay no more for your existence to free your soul. Pray, for what? Something is wrong if you believe you need a reason just to be free. If you need to cry, if you love to suffer. You are getting down on your knees, you have forgot how to be free, you’re getting closer to be the one who pays living in fear. Take your fears and pay no more for your existence to free your soul. If you need to cry, if you love to suffer Chorus: Crush your face in the ground, you remember the sound, your confidence is broken. This is all that you found, emptiness all around, nobody waits for you now. Could I take you to hell, or just kill me instead, the simplest way, the fastest. Now you’re fragile no more, you’re not easy to stop, you’re afraid of nothing. Awake! Take your fears and pay no more, for your existence to free your soul. Pray, for what? Something is wrong if you believe You need a reason just to be free. Chorus: Like a worm, just remember how you felt before, another soul belongs to hell. I think it's better if you pray for revenge, it could better in this way dissipating the clouds over your head, maybe it’s gonna stop the rain. Start to think to break it, you will find the exit to leave this nightmare. Ready for the fight, demanding much more light… Walk Away. Now you can choose the way you want to live, crying or fighting without fear. This is your brand new world without a tear. It’s just another way to live. Far beyond horizon, you don't need a reason to leave your prison… Ready for the fight, demanding much more light… Walk away, final game, time to play. You can buy a pair of wings and fly again, you will be like an eagle flying from my hand. You keep in your heart the light to show me all the fears I breathe ‘cause there’s nothing more to pay. Walking down a road with the sun in your face, a step, there´s nothing more standing in your way. It’s going better if we assume, we’re nothing at all, we’re nothing at all, we are… nothing at all. Walk away, not insane, lost again… But don’t look now behind you, finally you'll find your own way. Chorus:
In this silence your voice sounds so loud, your memory becomes so real. Should I answer these whispers inside of me, I thought I was living a dream Conventional wisdom, we use to believe after a long goodbye our soul will be free, it’s not true, that’s the way I feel, my feelings are controlling me. As a slave, I won’t never be forgiven addicted to (pain) Walk away all along this way, your memory becomes so real Should I answer these whispers inside of me, I thought I was living a dream Chorus: Seven days it’s more than I deserve, I bring this answer to my pain. I´m drowning, no way out, I´m Falling apart, drowned and passed away, turning off my pain. Seven ways to heal my wounds as an answer to my pain. Drowning, no way out, Falling apart, drowned and passed away, turning off my pain. All this time I believe that you will help me once again. Instead of that now I’m falling apart, setting down my faith. Why do we trust in the strength of luck, if until now it’s ignoring us? Sense of failure, do us a favor and take…. all my pain…far away. Chorus: Just another simple thought and getting the time for me, disconnecting all my senses, I’m not ready to feel, starting again from here. Keeping my breath and checking the way I feel, getting back to search my strength to live a life without you, starting again from here. Now I’m keeping all that hope, I keep trying to live like this, finally we better stay separate and be free, starting again from here. Chorus: 
Behind these feelings, under this true words, hiding the reasons, afraid to find a lie, the proud is now so tight, trying to forget the past, run and run so fast, avoiding looking behind, like if I was blind. Could you tell me where’s the fight, where I lived my time, tired of this dream, a distant shore from me. Inside this circle, the lies surrounds me, another feeling, another created for a dreamer. This life inside my own, is over, over-sized, searching a sign, because we’re out of time. Hiding the reasons, afraid to find a lie, the proud is now so tight, trying to forget the past, run and run so fast, avoiding looking behind, like if I was blind. Could you tell me where’s the fight, where I lived my time, tired of this dream, save me no more! Chorus: Won’t give up, this blindness is not real so forgive this time I cannot see. I dream with my freedom and self control and no one will save me. I should just to be myself… tell me no more bullshits about what I’m. Live my life without a trace… no fake borders, no more chances to take the way. Lie for what?, that’s not the way, simple vision of what I said. Dealing with my pride again, huge horizons wait for you without a pray, no more lies. Oh life, is true, losing my way, drifting again, losing again turmoil in you. Just because we don’t know, nothing about the meaning of this world without soul Chorus: No.. No… No hope yet. No one. Have you been in this road? why´d you come? Because no one escape of that feeling, no one cares because no one tries, don´t miss in lies. Please just tell me, why should I loss? What am I gonna find? Why am I feeling down? Background vocals: Won´t give up, you know that you never will. And I know you will find the way, and I know you´ll be safe, I know you´ll be right, I know you will try it again, You know that is some hope, you know you must keep the faith.
Faith 08:31
Faith, there´s nothing to believe stop to preach me. Why? You make us guilty just for being born. Whatever you say ain´t gonna change it, my soul will burn, would you make it? Not enough life to redeem my sins. No crosses, no star and no crescent, no symbols to represent me. No sacred books to drive my life. Lies, to cheat the good and to create an evil. Trust in you, is more than you deserve angel of waste. I don´t like the way your god loves me, loves me not. Could YOU ever be my ONE. Chorus: So taking the lies you preach, your God will survive. Salvation brings to me, the real way. So we cry and so we live, we’ll never die and disappear. Cause heaven will be for us the eternal blissfull day. Heaven waits? Isn´t that an illusion you´ve created? Church of what? If you don´t even know about decency. I don´t like the way your god loves me, loves me not. Could YOU ever be my ONE. Chorus: Just the way I getting wrong, I’m the sinner who will fall, meanwhile I’m wasting the time I live. All this hell is now my home, I’ll bring this horror in my own, Now I have to admit, I should never challenge our lord. Demons call me in the night, flames are burning in my eyes, no one can save me in this world. That´s the justice I deserve, whom my soul now belongs, Nothing more to pray, better sin again, this is my disgrace. Nothing more to pray - Better sin again - This is my disgrace - Price I have to pay - Faith I can´t embrace. Dark angel of death - Agony in this hell - Been buried alive - Blissfull paradise I will never see - Back me to my world - ´Cause my soul should burn - There’s nothing more to pray. The evil touch, is forcing you to say the lies you’re preaching. Glory and faith, you’re plenty of empty words you don’t believe. I don´t like the way your god loves me, loves me not. Could YOU ever be my ONE. Chorus:
Something to fear about, have you ever shined more than now? Even if you have nothing more inside your hands, now you should be fine, ‘cause you’re coming into the light, just to breath and time will fly. Those years, we’ve wasted, just crying for the time we loose. Holding the pain, just lying as we use. Show me the questions I don´t know where my youth is, I’ m writing a verse when time is gone. Let me just lying, let my just play with my truth, maybe it’s too late for me. We can ignore it, it will be same. Have you ever been crying out for the emptiness of your soul. It should be nothing more to worry about. Have you ever felt the rain? Have you ever fought to stay?… …when life means nothing? Now you could try how not to be crying for the untruth. Life should be another day into this world for you. Ask me those questions, I do not lie you ‘cause nothing hold me where I stand. Nobody listens, could I ever shine again? You own the truth in me. Who is gonna save us? it should be now. I use to try until the end.


released July 1, 2019

Reality Check are:
Ovidio Abascal: Lead and backing vocals
José C. Gómez: Bass
José M. Labrada: Keyboards
Israel Losada: Guitars
Javier Prieto: Guitars and backing vocals
Marcos Regato: Drums

Special guest in “Heaven and Hell”: Mark Basile

Recorded, mixed and produced at Blue Room Studio by Javier Prieto
Drums recorded at Cubex Studios
Mastering by Javier G. F. Escudero at Cubex Studios
All songs composed and arranged by Reality Check
Lyrics by Ovidio Abascal
Cover design and logo by Kini Fernández Campuzano (Hard as Iron studio)


all rights reserved



Reality Check Santander, Spain

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